It’s just a nice day.

I’m finishing my second cup of coffee and contemplating getting ready to head over to the High School to do my stint as chaplain. I know! Chaplain at a public high school. I don’t go all “jeesly” on the kids. I just wear my collar. Get stared at and ignored, and occassionally interact with some of the students. “Are you, like, a rabbi or something?” Close enough.


On a completely different tack – they tore down the remains of St. Daniel’s Roman Catholic Church (which had burned almost to the ground in August) yesterday. I stood with Marilyn and Dave and watched the bell tower go down. It was a gut-wrenching moment: all those prayers, all the weddings, baptisms, etc. While I realize that a building is just a building, St. Daniel’s was a place where God’s holy people met, it was a special place. Prayers to the parishioners, priest and diocese.



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I grew up with Capt. Kangaroo, Mr. Greenjeans, Mr. Dressup, Rocket Robinhood. I spent my 6th birthday watching Star Wars in the theatre. I'm a preacher, student, husband, father and sporadic blogger
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